English - Norwegian translation

OverZ AS provides high quality translations from English into Norwegian and from the Scandinavian languages (i.e. Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) into English. Owner and Daily Manager of OverZ AS is Lilian Schmidt, Master of Arts from the University of Bergen and Government Authorized Translator.

Through co-operating with other government authorized translators and freelance translators, we can provide reliable and swift  delivery of even the lengthiest texts. We pride ourselves in delivering correct translations that communicate within the context they are to be used. We have 15 years’ experience in the business, and count both major, international companies and small, local firms among our customers.

We handle the following document genres:

• Annual reports and directors’ reports
• Brochures
• CVs and school diplomas
• Legal documents
• Manuals
• Letters and memos, Minutes of meetings,  Reports
• Web pages

General business and finance, HES, petroleum, shipping.

Competitive rates and reliable and prompt delivery

Text laundering
We also perform laundering of Norwegian and English texts.

Contact us at post@overz.no


Du kan også ringe på 51 57 94 90, sende en faks på 51 57 94 91, eller en e-post til post@overz.no

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